Why Data Synchronization?

SQLyog 7.0 beta 1 is about to be released very soon (we are ‘polishing’ on details at the moment). This release includes completely new code for Data Synchronization that addresses user requests we have had since Data Synchronization was first introduced with SQLyog.

Probably we did not fully understand the needs of some users before. Users have told us

* It is not always desirable or possible to run the sync directly. Audit and access policies may prevent that. A SQL sync script is required in those situations.

* Also some users have wanted a detailed log for every (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) operation – for simple documentation or for comparing – in various ways – sync operations between different executions.

* Some users wanted sync scripts for ‘differential backup’ purposes or for auditing purposes.

* Even some users wanted not necessarily to actually perform any sync at all – they only wanted a comparison of databases or tables (in some cases to verify that replicating servers were in sync).

All those requests have now been addressed.

But also the new code improves the performance (typically 2-8 times depending on data), what will be the subject of a new blogpost appearing here soon. And of course SQLyog Data Synchronization is still portable across supported platforms and can still be scheduled, executed from applications, scripts and batch files.

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