Weird – Forums post syndicated to planet.mysql

This morning I checked and to my surprise I found that a topic from our (Webyog) Forums ( was syndicated to  I am not able to understand how that could happen. To my best knowledge I never asked for it. However I do not mind personally if somebody else found a way to syndicate this particular post. It may be useful for somebody. But who owns the right to syndicate that Forums topic really? The user that originally posted in our Forums? Me? Or Santa Claus maybe? I would not do myself without the accept from the poster of the topic.

In our Blog ( we have an option to set a ‘mysql’ category for a post.  What posts appear marked with that category get syndicated. Until now nothing more and nothing less. This we manage very strictly. Only principal discussions related to MySQL and release announcements for major new releases (not betas, not small bugfix releases) get into the ‘mysql’ category.

But now somehow a Forums post got syndicated too.   Whether this is a deliberate action by somebody or some kind of systems error, I am not able to tell.  If such may happen due to some systems error or if anybody can syndicate anything there is a chance of copyright violation.

However the primary reason for this post is that I want to make it clear that we do not intend to spam planet.mysql with feeds from every post in our Forums! And we are not able to understand what happened this time.


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    Sheeri Cabral

    From my experience, whether or not it’s in the “MySQL” category has nothing to do with it — it has to do with whether or not the *word* MySQL shows up.

    If you want only your posts in the MySQL category to show up, get the URL for the feed for the MySQL category, contact PlanetMySQL and ask them to change your web feed to that URL. Note that the filter on the word “mysql” will still apply, so make sure to use that word somewhere.

    There is a “Feedback” link at Planet MySQL, which would have been a more appropriate place to ask your question, instead of writing a blog post about it — as they’re the ones who know for sure what’s happening (this is just my guess).

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    But this syndication is from our Forums and not our Blog, what I simply do not understand. We have probably thousands of Forums post using the word “MySQL”.

    Besides I have tried to communicate with MySQL from their website at least 5-6 times over the last 3-4 years without ever getting any response. Even when we had a paid subscription some years back the login suddenly stopped working. They did not even reply to inquiries about that. I blogged about it in our old Blog system. Some executive replied that it was a reverse DNS problem with their hosting provider. However it was reproducible both from our India office and my place in Denmark. We had no information that there was ever any attempt to solve it. That lasted for 3-4 months and the subscription expired. And we did not renew it of course (we would also need to login to do!). Now we are happy without that subscription.

    My experience is that if I write a Blog or post to I get a response – when contacting MySQl from various contact links on their website I don’t.

    Note: this is a *personal* comment.

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    I used the only contact option I could find
    .. and posted this:

    “Please help stop this:
    We do not want random Forums posts aggregated to planet.mysql.

    We at Webyog are NOT responsible for this! Also we are contacting through this interface as we did not find a way to contact otherwise.

    Peter Laursen – Webyog

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    Giuseppe Maxia

    The wrong post come from a syndication request from you, where you submitted a forum link as the feed. We have no desire to syndicate forum posts, and therefore I have removed the URL from MySQL Planet. It should disappear within 1 hour.


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    ok .. thanks.

    But nobody here recall/understand how and when we “submitted a forum link as the feed”. Anyway let us hope this is solved.

    (However, when I posted to yesterday I tried different *invalid* links (ie. links to pages with no such functionality) but that was *after* both Forums posts had become syndicated)

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