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As users will know the SQLyog interface has been undergoing changes since the 9.33 release 6 months ago. INFO and HISTORY tab were moved from ‘lower pane’ to ‘upper pane’ in 9.5 and with the 10.0 release DATA tab followed.

We know that changing the interface may be inconvenient for a time-being for long-time users.  You may experience that old routines/workflows will need to be adjusted.  We were actually a little surprised that there were little discussion about this between 9.5 and 10.0.  And for same reason we were no less surprised that few days after the 10.0 release we had quite massive requests for DATA tab in its old position by a number of users.

Now, this change was not something we invented solely on our own.  We had several requests for this before we started moving things around.  The rationale is that it is logically incorrect to display a DATA tab as the ‘child’ of a QUERY tab.  DATA tab content is logically a ‘child’ of current  table selection in the Object Browser. The content of a table does not depend on a specific query. Also the rewrites from 9.5 to 10.0 are not only about appearance. There were changes in the code solving other issues. The old code had dependencies between code modules blocking solutions to those.

However you should also note that in 10.0 beta 1 release notes we wrote that after 10.0 GA we would provide optionality for this. This was not  planned and scheduled in detail when beta 1 was released, but following the debate after 10.0 GA release we have now made this top priority.  We expect to release version 10.1 in 2 weeks where this optionality has been implemented.  Users will then be able to have both DATA and INFO tab where they want.  Some users commenting the 10.0 GA release Blog and in our Forums have a valid point that when writing a query it can be convenient to display data (in DATA tab) or metadata (in INFO tab) below the editor.

Also from 10.1 the DATA tab will behave like INFO and HISTORY tabs currently do: their appearance will be ‘persistent across sessions’ –  in other words: if the program was closed down with a DATA or INFO tab open they will open automatically when program starts next time.

Further (explicit and implicit) settings for TABs’ appearance will be global and not ‘per connection’.

With all this we believe we have addressed all concerns  raised by users over the last couple of days and at the same time honoring requests by other users wanting an appearance basically like the current 10.0 release.

We thank everybody for comments, feedback and suggestions. This shows a clear devotion to SQLyog by lots of people, and we really appreciate that. Even though it is not always possible to make everybody happy we are doing our best and we thank everybody for your continued patronage and support to SQLyog.


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    @Dan .. we have not received any comment from you (not one being quarantined either). And the setup here is pretty much a standard WordPress setup. It is a standard application.

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    i had a typo in the captcha and when the form resubmitted it was gone. When the form reloads it shouldn’t delete the comment from the textbox, in my opinion.

    I was just saying that being forced into change is not fun. Thanks for giving us the option to move the Table Data down to the bottom where it use to be. Otherwise I’d be stuck in an old version of SQLyog. Great job on the tool.

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    Harry Slaughter

    Again, thanks for listening to us on this and reacting so quickly. I’m looking forward to using v10 once the placement of tabs can be ‘reverted’ to v9 equivalents.

    While your parent/child logic above does make sense in theory, I, for one, have never considered the bottom pane a child of the one above it. I look at them as two panes where I should be able to place whatever tabs will make my job easier. The query tab / table data tab pairing was what I used most when constructing SQL.

    BTW, Dan, always copy form content to your clipboard before submitting any form you don’t want to re-type 🙂 Don’t know how many times this helped me when working with captchas or otherwise crippled forms. Many of them stupidly throw away your input on ‘error’.

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    Thank you. I just installed the latest version and was just about to write a complaint that having Table Data in the upper area makes working a lot less pleasant. Waiting for the next version, then 😉

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    I look forward to the update. As a temporary work around I have been opening two connections with the Table Data open in one connection and the Query open in the other.

    It would really be nice to have the windows be able to leave the container but for now this works.

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