SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.63 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.62) include:

* Added an option to specify the font used in the Object Browser.
* Schema Sync now has an option to add SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0 to the script generated.
* Added an option to specify INIT_COMMAND(s) for a connection. INIT_COMMAND(s) are executed when SQLyog connects and reconnects. The primary purpose is to override settings specified with ‘init_connect’ setting in server configuration for the SQLyog session. For instance if ‘init_connect’ server setting specifies “SET AUTOCOMMIT = 0” you may enter “SET AUTOCOMMIT = 1” in the SQLyog connection manager if you want a non-transactional behavior for the SQLyog session.

Bug fixes:
* If both a column default and a column comment was specified in CREATE/ALTER TABLE a SPACE-character was missing in the generated statement causing invalid syntax error.  This bug was introduced in 9.5.
* Fixed a crash (reported internally) in the ‘Indexes’ tab of the CREATE/ALTER TABLE interface.
* Schema Sync did not handle BIT-column defaults properly.  A redundant apostrophe caused the statement generated to be invalid.
* Also if Schema Sync operated on a table where only column-level comments differed on source and target an invalid statement would be generated.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php


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    “wrong way round” means? Please detail. But also please do not use the Blog here for lengthy discussions, but use our Forums instead.

    * Messages is ‘child’ of a query tab just like Result and Profiler tabs are. They belong in the lower pane for same reason. Every Query tab has its own ‘children’ Result, Messages and profiler tab(s).
    * Data TAB will move to the upper posistion soon – just like History and Info did since 9.33. Because both Data and Info are ‘children’ of current Object Browser selection and not children of a Query tab.
    * History tab is ‘child’ of the top node in the Object Browser.
    (the above is the logically correct position of tabs in our opinion. In particular if you have many query tabs and many queries in a single query tab, but as long as Data tab is where it always was, I admit it can be a little confusing)

    Once we have completed this (in 10.0 – after around 3 weeks) we will start making it optional where to have tabs. http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/issues/detail?id=1752
    (you will see that the discussion is not new)

    The current position of tabs is not only a choice of graphics. It is a (basically incorrect) dependency between code modules up to 9.33 what we have now almost fixed. Only when it is complete we can start giving users a choice.

    The choice is relevant of course. For instance if you want to see the content of a INFO tab for a table while working in the Query tab.

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