SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.0 beta 1 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.82 ) include:

* Added an option (in GRID and FORM view) to look up/search valid values for columns having Foreign Key CONSTRAINTS.
* Added an option to ‘Search Data’  in a database or a table. Just enter any string, perform the search and tables with all matches can be accessed – even for UPDATE – with a single click.

Please refer documentation (help..help menu) for full details on the new major features listed above.

* In CSV-exports NULL-values can be written as a user-specified string. “\N’ is default for compliance with MySQL (SELECT INTO OUTFILE and LOAD DATA), but for use with other programs (such as spreadsheets) other options may be relevant.
* Added an option to automatically add ‘child’ tables to selected tables (before it was only possible to add ‘parent’ tables) in Schema Designer.
* Added a “Change Background Color” option in Edit menu.

Bug fixes:
* Data entered from the GUI to mange ENUM/SET types were not escaped properly what caused problems with the ” ‘ ” (single quote) and ” \ ” (backslash) character.
* Focus in Object Browser was lost when creating a Stored Procedure.
* There is now a button/link to open the log file in each dialog wherever it is referred.
* Fixed an issue where non-binary data were displayed as “(Binary/Image)”.
* Now TAB/SHIFT+TAB keys will rotate through buttons, check-boxes and tools in Result/Table Data tabs.
* Fixed a crash occurring when running Schema Sync and a Query Builder or Schema Designer TAB was active in the program main window.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php


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  1. 1
    Dominik Deobald

    About that foreign key feature: For example phpMyAdmin has a special feature that allows users to specify foreign key dependencies on tables that don’t actually support foreign keys (a.k.a. MyISAM). To do that it has an additional database in which it stores the dependencies in its own format.

    Would you consider adding a feature that could mimic that behaviour in a future version?

    Another feature I’d love to see in SQLyog is an option to add FUNCTION calls in the \Table Data\ view. There already is an option to right-click and select \Set To NULL\. Another option \Set To FUNCTION >\ with a submenu (NOW(), UNIX_TIMESTAMP(), UUID()) would be absolutely stunning!

    And finally: Multiple filter rules at the same time would be great. Something like \Column_1 > 1000\ AND \Column_2 = ‘foo’\ at the same time.

    Just my two cents 🙂

  2. 2

    Short answer is NO. For more reasons:

    1) MyISAM is getting deprecated except for system tables and special purposes (such as geometry). In MySQL 5.5 InnoDB is default and if you need full text indexes there are other options than MyISAM (such as Sphinx).

    2) MySQL plan to support FK’s in the ‘server layer’ for engines that don’t have in the ‘engine layer’. I think we will see it in 5.6. After that any client-side implementation will be irrelevant.

    3) We try as much as we can (with both SQLyog and MONyog) to avoid storing internal data in the databases we are connected to.

    4) ‘Outsmarting’ the server in the client will lead to lots of problems.

    Why don’t you simply use InnoDB or PBXT?

  3. 4
    Dominik Deobald

    1) One simple reason for MyISAM over InnoDB: It’s faster. At least for most web applications which are mostly read but rarely write. I know, I should be using one of those NoSQL database systems… 🙂

    2) Functions: Hey, cool. Didn’t know that and already love it 🙂

    3) Great. 🙂

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