SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.7 Released – Form View, improved SQL Formatter and more

We are pleased to announce this new major release of SQLyog MySQL GUI.

The major enhancements with this release are:

* Information in tabbed interface can be reordered.
Just like you will find it in all modern browsers, TABs can now be reordered using drag’n’drop in the GUI. The option is available for connection tabs as well as Query/Query Builder/Schema Designer tabs.

* Fast and convenient data entry from the keyboard.
We have added ‘FORM view’ option (in addition to ‘GRID view’ and ‘TEXT view’ already available) for managing data in DATA and RESULT tabs. ‘FORM view’ will display one row at a time and is in particular convenient when entering data from the keyboard.

Form View

* Query Formatter
The SQLyog Query Formatter is now completely rewritten. In principle all types of SQL statements are now supported and all limitations with the old implementation are lifted.

* Several editor enhancements including:
The Editor now has a ‘folding option’. Multi-line code and comment blocks between bracket-pairs, BEGIN-END pairs, C-style comment pairs (/* and */), WHILE-END WHILE pairs, LOOP-END LOOP pairs, REPEAT-END REPEAT pairs and CASE-END CASE pairs can now be ‘folded’ in/out (ie: hidden or unhidden).

Add to that numerous stability fixes, GUI improvements and more. Read full details here.

We hope you will like this new version – and do not hesitate to contact us if you have comments, suggestions or whatever.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php


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  1. 5

    I love most all of the new features. Unfortunately, I had to go back to the previous version because of 2 issues.

    1. The code folding is really handy but when you hit enter at the end of a line it now only tabs over once instead of to the same spot as the previous line. I made no changes to my configuration but I didn’t see anywhere that this could be modified by the user. This is minor but annoying.

    2. This is the big one for me… the main database that I support (but didn’t design/write) has columns using MySQL keywords for the name (“status”, “version”, etc.). The previous versions of SQLYog would uppercase these words (when the option was set) only when they were by themselves (not quoted etc.) so I only had to be careful when running a script that copied or created a table (we don’t typically surround every column name with back ticks). In the latest it will uppercase the column names even when part of a qualified name (ie table1.status becomes table1.STATUS) which causes all sorts of problems on a Linux server. I want it to uppercase 99% of the time but I can’t have it changing scripts that worked previously – and I don’t want to have to keep toggling the setting.

    I still have the latest at home but we’re stuck on 8.63 at work until this second problem gets sorted out.

  2. 6

    The table1.STATUS thing is confirmed and will be fixed. Work is in progress.

    However we do not understand what you are telling about the problem with folding. Also this is not a proper place for discussion of this. Could you please report to our Forums or support ticket system? Please make it very detailed and reproducible.

  3. 8
    Braddy Hodge

    I want to fire my sql query very correctly, this site is very informative, giving sufficient knowledge about how we can done Fast and convenient data entry from the keyboard.
    For learning these SQLyog are very informative

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