SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.7 beta 2 Released

Changes (as compared to beta 1 ) include:

* Improved the ‘graphics experience’ in drag’n’drop of tabs and fixed some painting issues.
* FORM view as we have planned it is now completed in DATA tab with this build. The toolbar in DATA tab is redesigned accordingly.
* The behavior of CTRL+L keyboard shortcut has been changed as compared to beta 1. It will now ‘toggle’ between TEXT mode and either GRID-mode or FORM-mode (which is active)
* When inserting rows GRID-view will now indicate auto_increment columns as (Auto)  for easy identification (FORM-view did since beta 1). Normally user should not enter those, but let the server handle .

Bug fixes:

* Improved vertical scrolling in GRIDs with a large number of rows displayed.
* “EVENT” was not recognized as a keyword by syntax highlighting and autocomplete.
* Schema Sync will now show columns in the order they are defined in the table.  Before they were alphabetically sorted.
* Removed redundant COMMENT clause in the ALTER script generated by Schema Sync.
* If 0 (zero) was given as the default value for a timestamp column CREATE/ALTER TABLE table would raise a syntax error, as SQLyog was quoting the default value as ‘0’. Also specifying NULL as default (what is redundant for a NULLable column) would fail for similar reasons.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

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