SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.6 beta2 Released

This release ports a single critical bug fix from the newly released 8.55 release to the current 8.6 beta/development tree:  If user edited data in RESULT-tab GRID and changed from Edit Mode to Read Only mode without saving, the UPDATE statement would omit the proper WHERE-clause. As a consequence all rows would be updated. This bug was introduced in 8.4. All users using 8.4 or higher should upgrade due to this serious bug.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
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    I have a problem when using SQLyog 8.6 trial version:
    In sql script editor, I can’t use Unicode. It always changes to “?”.

    I also try:
    – Tool/Preferences/Editor/Fonts/SQL editor/Change/Script = Vietnamese.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I think I got the problem!

    If you are using Windows XP not all the fonts installed as default have the full unicode character set. Microsoft probably did like this to save disk space. A full unicode font is several MB’s large.

    So you have two options:
    1) Select a font for the editor that has the full unicode range. This selection in is SQLyog ‘preferences’
    2) Install full unicode fonts. You do from Control Panel .. Regional Settings. There is one option for Chinese/Korean/Japanese and another for what MS calls ‘complex scripts’ (what includes Urdu, Indian languages and Thai)

    I would prefer 2) as I like best to use a non-proportional font in the editor. And the most common font of this type is ‘Courier’. And this one is incomplete with a standard installation.

    In Vista and Win7 all fonts have the the full unicode character set ‘out of the box’.

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