SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.5 Beta 3 Released

Changes (as compared to 8.5 beta2) include:

* Option to ‘duplicate row’ was added to RESULT tab like already implemented in DATA tab in previous betas.
* Added a menu option to ‘Find Next’ in ‘edit’ menu and query editor context menu.
* Find/replace settings are now persistent within the session.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a rare issue where the SQLyog configuration file (SQLyog.ini ) could be corrupted – and even deleted – if multiple program instances using same .ini instance were running simultaneously. Scenarios include the situation where user by mistake (double)clicked the program icon twice.
* The warning indicator for GRID operations introduced in beta 1 did not handle multiple RESULT tabs from multiple queries properly.
* Autocomplete could fail to select the items from the listbox (popup window) display after typing “.” if a ‘_’ (underscore) character was present with list box items. Technically this was an incompability between sorting in SQLite, Scintilla and standard C functions. We have added our own code to handle this. But note that for performance reasons it is not handled perfectly with Ctrl+Space and Ctrl+Enter where it can be necessary to use arrow-keys for selection in such case.
* Several small fixes with ‘Find Next’ in editor and Blob Viewer.
* SJA wizards would sometimes fail to specify the correct jobfile path to the Windows Task Scheduler.

* The PLINK shipped with SQLyog was updated. This solves rare connection problems with specific SSH configurations. Mostly connections to very recent Linux distributions were affected.
* Also the SQLite library within SQLyog has been upgraded to the latest version. The new version of SQLite improves stability as compared to the previous version where a possible journal file corruption was not handled.
* SJA wizards: if user does not specify a file extension for the jobfile the wizard will add the standard extension ‘.xml’

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

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