SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.5 Released

This new release of SQLyog primarily addresses a long-time concern by corporate users preferring to do a ‘silent installation’ over the corporate network. Even though ‘silent installation’ already was possible, every instance still had to be registered interactively from the workstation by every user. Now registration details can be applied on the command-line as well when doing a ‘silent install’. In addition to command-line this has been tested with a number of 3rd party softwares used by corporations for managing a centralized software repository and for centralized software management.

Changes as compared to MySQL GUI 12.4.3 include:


* Added command-line syntax for applying registration details when doing a ‘silent install’. You may refer this FAQ for details. Note that this option is only available for Ultimate edition.
* A notification is now displayed when a large operation has finished (program icon in taskbar will ‘blink’).

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a bug in JSON export where reserved characters for JSON were not escaped properly.


* SJA for Linux now requires Linux kernel version 2.6.32 or higher.
* Now Date along with Time is also displayed in History tab.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop


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    Hi, I found a error in that version, when I rename a column name and that is a foreign key, and I rename also the foreign key. the new foreign key has old column name. Example/ ALTER TABLE `cat_neg`
    CHANGE `cod_loc` `cod_ubi` VARCHAR(10) CHARSET latin1 COLLATE latin1_bin DEFAULT ’00’ NOT NULL;
    ALTER TABLE `cat_neg`
    ADD CONSTRAINT `fk_neg_ubi` FOREIGN KEY (`cod_loc`) REFERENCES `cat_ubi`(`cod_ubi`),
    DROP FOREIGN KEY `fk_neg_loc`;

  2. 2

    First: Our blog is not the proper place to report bugs or ask support. Please use our Forums or support mail address support@webyog.com.

    Second: version 12.5 is now a somewhat old version. Please try with current (13.0.1) version.

    But we will check this, of course.

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