SQLyog MySQL GUI 12.11 Released

Important notes: .
This release requires that user re-enters his registration key. Please have it available when upgrading. The key itself is the same as used by previous 12.x versions.
* This release includes a new HTTP tunneler script. Functions deprecated in recent PHP versions are not used anymore and the script now also follows PHP strict standards. Users using HTTP tunnel must replace the script on their server(s).

Other changes as compared to 12.1 include: 

* Added option to export table data and result sets as JSON.

Bug fixes:
* On Windows systems using a recent wininet.dll, setting the HTTP timeout higher than 30 seconds had no effect and SQLyog would fire same query 3 times if HTTP tunneling was used and query executed on server for more than 30 seconds.
* Fixed a performance regression with “execute SQL script”.

The new icons and other graphics introduced in 12.1 now have slightly darker and brighter colors.  As a result the UI is now ‘less pastel’ than before.
Changes in 12.1 to the ‘twilight’ theme (default before 12.1) have mostly been reverted due to user requests.
* Visual Data Compare UI now has the same 12.1 -style overall look as the main program window etc. has.

SQLite  was updated to version This will result in performance enhancement of up to 80% for Autocomplete with large local SQLite databases.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop

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