SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.3 Released

Changes (as compared to  SQLyog MySQL GUI 11.28) include:

* The Query Profiler results can now be exported as HTML.

Bug fixes:
* Multiple ‘reorder columns’ operations in same instance of the dialog for this operation could have unexpected ordering results.
* Strings containing a double-quote character are now escaped by doubling the double-quote character when also double-quote is selected for ‘enclosed by’. This is a special rule for the double-quote character (other characters are escaped – if needed – with the backslash character) added for compliance with Excel and CSV-standards (at least Microsoft’s interpretation of same) and -practices.
* If databases named identically except for lettercase were available in a connection, Stored Procedures, Stored Functions and Events could display in Object Browser where they should not.
* When typing an object name (database or table) followed by a dot, the Autocomplete list of sub-objects could fail to popup. This was introduced in 11.28. Affected users may need to ‘rebuild tags’ after installing this build.

Downloads: https://www.webyog.com/product/downloads
Purchase: https://www.webyog.com/shop


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  1. 3
    Sam Sanchez

    please make the filter icon much convenience to reset

    1) it can be very easy to set a 1st filter by click the filter icon button
    2) i want to add more condition to the current filter. i have to click twice the filter icon button!
    the first click is to reset the current filter. the second is popup the filter window.
    +—– this step may a little slow when connect to the remote database (waste of time to wait it reload the datatable).

  2. 4
    Hovig Devejian

    Are there any possibilities for customized query formatting options?
    In older versions the query formatting would stack queries more compact and I miss that functionality.

    Thank you, and great job!

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