SQLyog is now available in Japanese

“Publishing software in English will make you reach most of the global audience” is a myth. Users like software in their own language. For Non-English speaking audience localized software is a necessity. We heard it. SQLyog is now available in Japanese & will be made available in other international languages soon. We are using crowd-sourced human translation services from myGengo for translating SQLyog. I’d also like to add that our website is machine translated using Google Translate.

Embedded below are some related screenshots:

Option to change language

SQLyog in Japanese

If you want to do your own translation, we will soon provide instructions and tools for creating localizations as a ‘drop-in’ solution to an already installed instance. Watch this space for a post on it.

We are very excited about this new 9.3 release and would love to have your feedback. What other languages would you like SQLyog in?

Team SQLyog

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php


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    Please also note that we have a category in our Forums dedicated to discussions and reports on translation/localization:
    This link is: http://www.webyog.com/forums/ (it is the tast category).

    If you have very specific comments (such as detailed comments to the translation) we ask you to post in the Forums and preferably not here. The Forums will be a more structured way to organize such comment, to communicate about it (and much better than an endless line of comments to this Blog).

    (but you are welcome to say “BRAVO” here of course – and we hope you will!)

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    BRAVO 🙂

    I think it’s better for translation/localization try to use https://translations.launchpad.net/ and SQLyog community will help You to translation to other languages.

    Leave translation for community and go to improve autocomplete feature. You can compare HeidiSQL and SQLyog autocomplete 🙂

    sometimes angry but still happy SQLyog EE user

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    Pedro Boda

    I’m a happy user of SQLyog Ultimate, so I want to help translating SQLyog to Spanish following the instructions above.

    Any comments are welcome.


    Pedro Boda

  4. 5

    @Pedro .. We have your support ticket with same content as well. You will hear from us soon there. There is one more Spanish-speaking person interested and you should coocrdinate and exchange ideas.

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