SQLyog 8.1 beta 1 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 8.05) include:

* Added an option to import text/.csv, .xls (Excel) and .mdb (Access) files without without using a preconfigured DSN setting (user only need to specify the file and  ODBC driver details are passed transparently for user). When using this option also detailed column mapping is possible. Also Office2007 formats (.xlsx, .accdb) are supported like this provided that this Microsoft driver set is installed (it is not per default on any Windows version).
* Added an option to ‘preview SQL’ in CREATE/ALTER TABLE.
* OBJECTS tab was renamed to INFO tab. There is now a choice between the (old) text-based display and a new tabular/HTML-based view.
* New GUI for defining ENUM and SET columns in Create/Alter GUI.
* Autocomplete had a complete ‘overhaul’ resulting in better performance.
* Column width in all GRIDs (not only DATA and RESULT tabs) are now persistent.

Bug Fixes:
* Query Profiler would sometimes fail to display the total time in SHOW PROFILE.
* Fixed a painting issue in Schema Designer.
* Fixed a program crash in copy database/table.
* On Win2K and Wine icons will now be 8 bit color depth, as those environments do not support 32 bit color depth icons properly.
* Autocomplete would sometimes erroneously insert a linebreak.
* Query Builder could generate SQL with an ambiguous column (not prefixing columnname with tablename for a PK-column) if the same column name existed in joined tables. This bug was introduced in 8.03.
* When connected to MySQL before 4.1 a string containing special (non-ASCII) characters could be identified as a binary string. Also this bug was introduced in 8.03.
* Autocomplete was not functional within the argument-list of a function.
* ’empty database’ (from the database menu/context menu) caused Autocomplete to become non-functional for the session.
* Scheduled backup did not handle the “&” character in file and folder names.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

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