SQLyog 8.15 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 8.14) include:

* Added an option to execute SHOW WARNINGS automatically if the ‘warning-count’ is not 0. The output will appear in MESSAGES tab. Note: this is not implemented for HTTP-tunneling.
* Improved the memory handling in GRIDS with BLOB/TEXT columns. This fixes some slugginess when scrolling a GRID containing such data.

Bug Fixes:
* A dump containing VIEWs created on an early 5.0-server could fail to restore on recent servers. The underlying reason is a bug with the ‘default’ column in the output of SHOW FULL FIELDS on the early 5.0 servers. But we can avoid using this information and this is what we did now.
* Copy database/table from a 3.x or 4.0 server to a more recent server failed with column names containing special characters.
* If a sqlyog.ini files exists in installation folder it should be copied to ‘AppData’ folder. This is required for upgrading from versions before 6.06. However with latest releases an empty file was created in ‘AppData’.
* The ‘Import External Data Tool’ could truncate strings when importing data from a 4D database. It is actually a bug in the 4D ODBC driver but we found a workaround.
* SSL-connections failed if authentication keys were created with cipher option.
* SQL-exports generated INSERTS for MERGE and FEDERATED tables.
* In INFO-tab/text-mode we will now not highlight ’string literals’. A comment with an odd number of quotes would make following lines display with ’string literal’ highlighting/coloring.
* When connected with SSH-tunneling to a Windows machine with Cygwin SSHD the bash.exe process created for each connection did not close again.
* CREATE TABLE … advanced options did not set some create-options to ‘default’.
* Execution of some queries would be slow with Query profiler/EXPLAIN extended selected. Most important queries with a UNION were affected. Technically it was an issue with the Query Formatter code and how it ‘hooked’ into the program. This bug was introduced in 8.0.
* Windows Vista and higher could warn that SQLyog was not properly installed due to lack of an Application Manifest. It was false alarm but now such Manifest is included with the installer.

* Functionality change: Before this release we stripped out the database name from Stored Program and View SQL-code when generating SQL-dumps and when copying a database to another host. Also Schema Sync did with VIEWs. This was in order to make it easy to import/copy to another database.  However with tables named identical to the database and when database names was a substring of a table name it failed sometimes.  We realize now that SQL code inside Stored Programs and Views may be so complex that parsing for the database name and stripping it is not safe.  With this release we have stopped this ‘stripping’ and Stored Programs and Views will be dumped by SQLyog identically to what  ‘mysqldump’ does.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

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