SQLyog 7.15 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 7.14) include:

* Added an option to use Base64 encoding for communicating XML data stream with the HTTP tunneller. Using this option can be required to work around this XML-related bug in PHP.
* Improved editor performance with large scripts if Wordwrap was enabled.

Bug fixes:
* On Windows Vista Business edition, SQLyog could crash while closing down. No other Windows OS (and also not any other Vista edition) was affected.
*  Also a ‘hang’ could occur when closing down. It could happen with all systems, but Windows Vista was mostly affected.
* Schema Sync failed with identically named Foreign Key CONSTRAINTs on identically named colums of basically same type (that could still differ in LENGTH, SIGNED/UNSIGNED specification etc.)

* When a PK is built on a string column using a case insensitive collation, SJA could try to insert a row where the PK was identical to an existing one as compared “COLLATION-wise” (ie. when only LETTERCASE differed). That would result in ‘duplicate key’ error and the sync job would abort. We have now reverted back to case insensitive comparison with string-based PK’s as before 7.0, but (to avoid data loss/overwriting) we will abort sync of tables when a string-based PK uses a binary or case sensitive collation.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

Also SJA for Linux was updated with the fix for ‘duplicate key’ error in Data Sync.

Finally note that due to the added base64-option it was necessary to change the tunneller script. To use this version of the program with HTTP-tunnelling the old tunneller script must be replaced with the version shipped with this build.

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