SQLyog 7.11 has been released

Bug fixes:
* Pressing Crtl+end in GRID did not show the last row. This bug was introduced in 7.1.
* Fixed a flickering issue in Data tab. It was a threading issue related to the STOP button introduced in 7.1.
* When executing a query not returning a result set, focus would leave editor (unless the ‘keep focus on editor’ option was set).  This made no sense.  Now focus will be kept on editor if there is no result set.
* Data sync could fail with column names containg a SPACE character and if specific keywords was used for column names.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

Also SJA for Linux was updated with the fix for the Data Sync issue.


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    One nag screen is enough! I know you want purchases of Enterprise, but you’re alienating your users. This software gets into the enterprise by testing it for free first. Aggravating your users does not endear them to your product or induce them to buy the enterprise version.

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    I pay for software…a lot of it, but I’m a pretty light user of SQLYog. The community edition does everything that I need, and I’ve always recommended it (and the Enterprise version) to others that have use for it.

    Lately it seems that every minor release adds another ad or nag screen, and with this version it finally crossed into “too annoying to use”. I’ve gone back to MySQL’s Query Analyzer and have stopped recommending it.

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