SQLyog 10.4 improves usability with tens of thousands of databases or tables.

SQLyog 10.4 improves usability with tens of thousands of databases or tablesWe have released SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.4. The 2 major new features are:

* Autocomplete speed/performance is drastically increased. This is the 3rd time we do this actually since autocomplete was introduced in SQLyog 5+ years ago. Our autocomplete implementation is one of the highest appreciated features of SQLyog according to a survey we did among registered users recently. However some slugginess could occur with a very large number (tens of thousands) databases on the server or a similar number of  tables or other objects in a database. Also a number of small bugs in autocomplete were fixed.

* Also when having a lot of databases, tables or other objects, operating a GUI tool may be tedious to work with (you may need to do a lot of scrolling, for instance). In this release we have implemented a filter in the Object Browser. It works like this: Database objects, where the typed filter string is not a substring of the object identifier, will be hidden. When focus is on the connection node, the filter will act as a database filter. If focus is on a database, a table, a table folder or any sub-table object, it will be a table filter on current database. If the focus is on a stored program or stored program folder of any kind it will be a filter on that type of stored program in current database. The filter is specific for each database object (connection, tables of a database or a type of stored programs of a database) and is persistent within a SQLyog session (but not persistent across sessions).

You may view full changelogs here.  Stay tuned! We are already in good progress with next release and next features.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

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    Martin Francis

    Hi there,

    the new filter feature is great, but what would make it even more useful for me would be if the database filter value could be preset in the ‘Saved Connections’ manager, so connecting to a given server could flter based on a prefix I use to differentiate my databases from those running third-party applications.

    I’d also like to see the ability to select multiple scripts using the ‘pen’ dialog and right click a connection or displayed script tab to choose ‘close other’ or ‘close all’

    Anyway, I love the product and the improvements each month are something I look forward to seeing – I check your blog perhaps every couple of days to see how you are progressing with this wonderful product.


    Martin Francis

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