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I don’t need to emphasize how productive you can be if you find what you are looking for in a quick and easy way. Google has shown it to us. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the same ease and speed while searching for data in your databases? Well, that’s what Data Search is all about. Find the data you want without writing any queries or worrying about the underlying schema. Type in the search string and you’ll have a table of all search results waiting to be clicked and be taken to the exact cell of the table. It also supports search operators like AND, OR and “”. Note that the results of this search is not the same as WHERE clause query results. Its rather a natural way of search. Lets say its like googling your database. For better precision you can search with regular expressions too.

MySQL Data Search

This release also includes many enhancements to the User Interface. Most of the dialog boxes are now re-sizable, and the ‘Advanced’ option of Import External Data tool is redesigned. You can also set the foreground color for tabs and object browser.

I would also like to shed light on Master Table Lookup feature introduced in the earlier version. Enter any text in a cell and this nifty feature finds you all the matches of the entered text in the parent table.

Both of these features should be a real time saver, making SQLyog 9.x the must have upgrade for all users. Master Table Lookup is available in all editions whereas Data Search is only present in the Ultimate edition. We are very excited about this release and hope you like it. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.

For bug fixes and other changes please refer to these release notes.

SQLyog customers can download SQLyog 9.1 GA from the Customer Area.

To evaluate SQLyog 9.1 GA please download a 30-day Trial.

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    with little except – I cant find check box for disable show this tab at every startup.

    And bad “news” – now, in 9.1, running query not graying yog window if it is not top window

  2. 3

    1) As regards the Data Search tab showing up when opening the program/a connection we want(ed) to point users’ attention to this feature for the first release(s) after its introduction. It will probably be hidden away as default after some time just like Query Builder and Schema Designer tabs now are.

    2) If we understand your point the changed behavior of the Object Browser while a query was running was introduced because with some combinations of foreground/background colors some weird and disturbing graphical artifact would display. This is solved now and we can restore the old Object Browser behaviour (‘greying out’ while a query is running).

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    Wow, this sounds great! I always spend a lot of time making queries to search for stuff here and there with LIKE and finding out table and field names. I’m looking forward to test this when I get the energy to download the latest version! 🙂

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    Bear Limvere

    Where was this a few weeks ago when I was doing a rather NASTY data migration on an eCommerce site. This would have cut my migration time significantly!!!!!

  5. 8
    Brian H.

    I think that the database-wide search is a great idea! I once had a new system dropped on my lap, and I knew of a configuration value that had to be changed but had no idea where it was stored. This would have greatly simplified that search.



  6. 10

    With just 1 search, I fell in love with the new feature. SQLyog has spoiled me for every other SQL client.

    What would make it even better for me, though, would be if it could display text/blob fields in the search results immediately rather than requiring a click on a specific entry to bring up the “Data Set” tab.

    Adding support for Shift-JIS searching & display would be a godsend, too.

  7. 11


    We have some enhancement options described here and we have already started working on it:

    Could you plase detail the problem with Shift-JIS? Preferable do so in our Forums ( or by contacting The charset implementation in SQLyog is described here: However the uppermost part of of the Data Search is a HTML-control and it could have some issues with Shift-JIS.

  8. 12

    @Kyle again: if you are using WinXP the full fonts for some languages are not installed as default. In Control Panel .. Regional Setttings there is an option to install support for ‘Far Eastern Languages’ (CJK) and ‘Complex Scripts’ (Urdu, Indian languages and Thai).

    This could be the reason for the issue you reported with SJIS.

  9. 13

    @peter_laursen –

    I have tried it using Windows 7 & Windows XP. In both OSs, I had no trouble displaying Shift-JIS characters elsewhere.

    Having read that link you gave me, it’s probably because the encoding and collation on my tables isn’t set properly. That’s likely the reason SQLyog isn’t displaying the characters.

    It would be helpful if there where a way to “force” SQLyog to display a given table using a given characterset – just like there is that option in any web browser.

    Aside from that, having had a bit to use the search feature more, there are a few things that would also be good to see:

    1. Search selected column(s) (which I see is something being worked on)
    2. Display the number of search results
    3. Indicate which specific field the needle was found in (I work with ancient legacy systems, some tables have more than 100 fields, so it’d be very helpful to know which field the search parameter was found in).
    4. Maintain column headings at the top of the search results as you scroll down.
    5. Search on a query (e.g. join tables together, add some computed columns, then search on the resultset).

    I am really liking this search feature; it saves me a ton of time.

  10. 14

    I think we have encountered the same issue as here:

    It is not really possible to handle all ‘double encoding’ issues. SQLyog uses utf8 internally and SET NAMES when conecting ot mySQL. That is how MySQL (from 4.1) is supposed to be used. The problem is that some application developers took some time to understand it. We will not change this.

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