Introducing SQLyog 12.1 with a fresh modern design

Rolling out a major design refresh to the most powerful manager, admin and GUI tool for MySQL and MariaDB. The aim of this release is to deliver a modern look and improve the overall SQLyog experience.

With the redesigned SQLyog, you’ll get a fresh GUI without the need to relearn anything. Every pixel of the app has been retouched to improve both form and functionality.

SQLyog with a fresh modern design

We hope these little enhancements will make you fall in love with SQLyog all over again.

Existing customers can download SQLyog 12.1 from Customer Area. To evaluate SQLyog 12.1, please download a 14-day trial.

We are really excited about this update and we hope you enjoy the new look of your favorite MySQL GUI tool. Please feel free to share your feedback.

Team SQLyog


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  1. 1

    As I wrote in my e-mail to Webyog Inc. just moments ago:


    Well today I was prompted to update my SQLyog and, lo and behold, the change was stunning that I can’t even recover from it.

    The new icons are so bad that I have the difficulty to find the appropriate words whilst keeping my message polite.

    Even going back to the default theme is not helpful, on the contrary it makes things worse because the new colour scheme is so bad that some icons become undistinquishable from the background.

    Obviously not only you didn’t consult this with current users (whether such a change is actually needed), but it looks like this wasn’t tested even by usability experts before releasing.

    I understand that perhaps you can’t be bothered with what your users think, but let me tell you that it is actually the paying users like me who actually feeds you, and I can clearly see that I am *not* happy at all.

  2. 3

    I didn’t need to fall in love again, SQLyog is my 2nd most used tool, so nice to have it freshened up 🙂
    Maybe this is something I didn’t spot before – has it always had the windows -> tile etc or is this new to this interface update – if so very big thumbs up. If not, dozy me for not seeing that before lol.
    Keep up the good work.
    A small suggestion (very minor) might be to not make the icons for the tree view transparent. I color my tabs to help cut down accidental actions in the wrong database and the icons don’t look as clear as on the white background.

  3. 4

    Two of you guys (those of you that are not satisfied) have already contacted us by mail as far as I can see, and we have replied there. There is also a discussion in our Forums

    We did not expect this change to go uncommented by users and also not that we would not have to make adjustments after the 12.1 release. However we have to realize that Windows 10 is the “future Windows” for as much time as we can look forward – and that is so, no matter if you and I like it or not. Windows XP is dead , the remaining service life of WinVista is 2 years and for Win7 it is 5 years. We need to aim our business towards the future.

    And there is one more thing about the new icons that you may not be aware of: they are designed to display properly without “stretching blur” on high-resolution/HiDPI/4K monitors. Systems/Windows laptops with such monitors – similar to Mac’s with ‘retina’ display – are now shipping in large numbers and the old icons did not work there. We would have needed new icons for such systems in any case.

    We are considering what input we get and will conclude after a week or too how we want to proceed. Minor adjustments can be expected, but probably not much more.

  4. 6
    John Hobson

    I like the new design, it’s clean and freshens things up. I find the icons are clearer as to their intended use from before.

    However I do find it rather stark and glaring. What I would really love is to be able to theme the UI like you can in most other dev tools (phpStorm is the one I most commonly use). I prefer darker themes with charcoal grey backgrounds as this strains my eyes less.

    If you could introduce a theming engine for SQLYog that would be fantastic.

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