Have your say | Win Apple iPad 3G & MySQL Tools worth $5,000!


You like our tools & have been candid about it. Why not say it on camera or show a feature that you love? All you have to do is a short video on SQLyog/MONyog to win Apple iPad 3G! That’s not it. Next 20 best videos get free licenses of SQLyog and/or MONyog. We have MySQL tools worth USD 5,000 to giveaway – 10 licenses of “SQLyog Ultimate Single User with Premium Support” worth USD 179 & “MONyog Ultimate Single Server with Premium Support” worth USD 399.

Lately we gave away iPad to our customers. Checkout the iPad winning videos here.

Now some simple guidelines. We’d like you to do either or both of the following:

  • You facing the camera & talking about SQLyog/MONyog (like testimonial)
  • You showcasing your favorite feature in action (like screencast)

Please try to comment on the specific features that you like about our products. Questionnaire below should help you get started:

  • What were your perceptions before you started using our products and were you reluctant in any way?
  • How did you feel as a result of using the products?
  • What specific results did you get as a result of using the products?

The video should be under 3 minutes. Upload the video to YouTube.com. Use the strings “MySQL GUI” and/or “MySQL Monitor & Advisor” in the name, description & tags of the video.
To enter the contest send an email to info@webyog.com with the link to video, your full name, organization* & title*. Please send in your responses by 15th March 2011. Winners will be announced here in our blog.


Team Webyog

Legal update: By entering the contest you agree that you’ll maintain the video live & Webyog reserves the right to publish the video from its account in case the video goes offline.


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  1. 2
    sqlyog fan

    How many ipads are you giving away? All you have to do is a short video on SQLyog/MONyog to win Apple iPad 3G!
    Does every submission win or is there only one for the winner?

  2. 5

    I have a question. Will best video ranking by YouTube ranking system? If it so, than as video should be in the web asap, to get max qnty of voices… Or it will be just decision of a small SQLyog community/judges ?

  3. 9

    Sorry for a double post, it was not a smart idea to make just a short post last day anyway. I was actually wondering if you will show all the contestants (so to speak) I mean will you give links to their videos or will you just post winners?

    Hopefully my Mozilla’s Thunderbird has not messed up, because that would be a pity.


  4. 11


    I must appreciate your energy. I watched your video & its good. All the best.

    We’ll publish all submitted videos (as long as it talks on SQLyog or MONyog) at the homepage after the contest ends.


  5. 13

    IPad’s a big encouragement for everyone actually. If I got my hands onto it I could start using my laptop as a server instead of that noisy big yet not powerful computer :D. Goodluck to everyone making videos for this! :].

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