Creating tables now faster and easier with SQLyog 9.5


We are delighted to announce the release of SQLyog 9.5 GA. This release is geared towards enhancing the user experience.

The major changes are:

  • The conversion of modal dialogue boxes to a tabbed interface for creating and altering tables, and defining table properties.
    • Creating a table involves – defining columns, and often, creating indexes and foreign keys. Before, these actions had to be done one after the other, which was annoyingly slow. Now, you can define columns, and create indexes and foreign keys – all in a single interface, which gives you a single CREATE/ALTER TABLE query to execute. Not only is creating tables easier, it is also much faster!
    • Modal dialogue boxes limit one from multitasking. Previously, when in the middle of creating a foreign key, if some information had to be looked up from a different table (or even the same table), it required one to close all the dialogue boxes, get the information, and then start again from scratch! Now, while working on creating a table, you can go to another tab, check for some details and return back to creating the table.
  • History and Info tabs now appear alongside the Query tab. As the content of these two tabs is not dependent on a specific Query tab, it is logical to not have these under the Query tab. Additionally, these tabs consume one third of the system resource that they did before.
  • Content of History and Info tabs is now searchable.
The all new create table interface

The all new create table interface

Refer the following posts for detailed release notes:

SQLyog customers can download SQLyog 9.5 GA from the Customer Area.

To evaluate SQLyog 9.5 GA please download a 30-day Trial.

We are very excited about this release, and hope that you will like it. We would love to hear from you!

Team SQLyog


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    Steve Saunders

    Hi, just wanted to say that I really like these UI changes in v9.5 … they really do make it much easier to create new tables, and tweak existing ones. Thanks.

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