Celebrating 10 years with MySQL – releasing SQLyog 10.0 GA


We are delighted to announce the release of SQLyog 10.0. The version number makes this release very special. We must say the journey from SQLyog 1.0 to 10.0 was very exciting and rewarding. SQLyog was first released in 2002 as a MySQL GUI. Now we are a decade away from the first release. During the course of time, we have introduced tons of features taking SQLyog beyond the definition of a GUI. We couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and patronage. A big thank you for being with us in this endeavour.

SQLyog 10.0

Listed below are the features and enhancements introduced in this release:

  • Refreshing modern looks. We redesigned the user interface with a soothing color palette. We call it Twilight. You can also design your own themes and there is an option to switch to your default desktop theme as well.
  • The data tab is now moved to the upper pane. With this, all important tabs are in the upper pane and you can see more of what you want to see, and more than one table data can be opened under the same connection.
  • Schema synchronization logic is optimized and now it is up to 100 times faster for large schemas.
  • Introduced many keyboard shortcuts for power users.
  • Added an option for multi-column sorting and filtering of table data.
  • Many more usability enhancements and bug fixes.

Please refer to the version history for detailed release notes.

SQLyog customers can download SQLyog 10.x GA from the Customer Area. Please make sure to get the new registration keys for SQLyog 10.x from the Customer Area.

To evaluate SQLyog 10.x GA please download a 30-day Trial.

We are very excited about this release, and hope that you will like it. We would love to hear from you!

Team SQLyog


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    Glad to see the Table Data tab was moved out. Seemed out of place after everything else was moved out. Tabs could stand out a little more on the new theme though. Great work as always!

  2. 2

    “The data tab is now moved to the upper pane”
    How do I get this to show by default instead of having to activate it with every new connection? And move your Captcha below the Submit button – I didn’t even notice it.

  3. 3
    Martin Francis

    Hi there!

    This looks like a big build and I certainly see now why it’s been a while since we saw a regular update.

    For me, the ‘select all / select none’ checkbox control is definately a big win, and multiple column sorting certainly has possibilities.

    Well done indeed!

  4. 4

    Thanks to all for comments. We will address all comments (here and in our Forums) in a ‘consolidated’ reply. It could take a day or two. Fell free to add more comments in between.

  5. 6


    We have decided that DATA tab from next build (in 7-10 days probably) will behave like INFO and HISTORY tab does now: If a DATA tab is open when the program is closed it will open again when the program is opened next time.

  6. 7

    Also double-clicking on the table name, and ctrl+ double-click will open the table in a tab(if in preferences, “paste object name in editor on double-click” is unchecked).

  7. 12
    Michael Dee

    I think I’m going to pass on this release. I am one of the “why did you move the DATA tab” folks. It’s good that you now made it an option to put the tab back in the bottom pane…but moving that tab seemed to be the biggest feature of 10.x. If I put the DATA tab back where I like it, I then have:

    – “Refreshing modern looks.” Yay.
    – Faster schema synchronization logic for large schemas. Nothing I have would be considered “large.”
    – “Many keyboard shortcuts for power users.” I think I found four or five in the release notes. Again, yay.
    – Multi-column sorting and filtering of data, i.e. a way to execute a SELECT statement using drop-down boxes. It appears a bit more cumbersome than just typing the SQL in the query box. It seems counter-productive to create keyboard shortcuts (to keep your hands in one spot, off the mouse), and then create a way to execute an SQL statment by clicking with the mouse AND typing values in boxes.

    Don’t get me wrong, MySQL is awesome. It is THE most-used, best-performing, and most important application I run in my office. I just don’t see a whole lot of value-add for the new version.

    Now the day you add the ability to create virtual directories/organization of tables on the left side, I’m THERE. I have very closely related tables scattered all over my table list on the left, and I’ve even started naming related tables with the same first letter so that they appear in the same place on the list. Kind of crummy, buy my work is so closely related to your product that it’s the best solution I have thus far.

    I’ll pass on this release, but thanks for an awesome product nevertheless!

  8. 15

    @Michael: Please refer 10.1 release notes at http://www.webyog.com/blog/2012/06/19/sqlyog-mysql-gui-10-1-released/:

    * It is now optional whether DATA, INFO and HISTORY tabs shall display in ‘upper pane’ (as in 10.0) or in ‘lower pane’ (as before 10.0). The setting is available in tools .. preferences .. general. Note that for DATA tab this applies to the ‘non-sticky’/non-persistent DATA tab. A ‘sticky’/persistent DATA tab will always display in ‘upper pane’.
    * DATA, INFO and HISTORY tabs appearance will now be persistent across sessions when configured to display in upper pane. If visible when program was closed they will open when program starts next time – if hidden when program was closed they will not. When configured to display in lower pane they will always be visible.

    .. so if you prefer it like that, from 10.1 you can configure the program to appear like it did in 9.33 and before.

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